The Fashion Evolution – Keeping You informed!

This has always been my favourite time of year. Seeing the yellow school buses rolling getting fuelled and the mechanics OK for the inevitable return of school. Fall fashions owning […]

Oh My Gosh! Everything’s On Sale

‘Tis the season….for sales, sales, sales.  Now this can be an amazing opportunity if you need a few summer items. It can also be a time when emotion defeats logic […]


It seems there’s another elephant in the room. Let’s talk about it. Wearing a mask. This is by no means a debate or a judgement piece, this is about wearing […]

Breaking Up Earring Envy

Ouch. When doctor stitched up my ear lobes so I could do it all again… it was so worth it. Big, organic, vibrant earrings were my signature all through university. […]

Wear Your Whites NOW

Yes you can wear white jeans. I know it. Patience is the secret sauce on that topic, however….. White jeans are in a clothing category all to themselves. They’re a […]


GETAWAY ESSENTIALS FOR PACKING: Now that things are a little more relaxed… Finally, it looks like life is resuming. Some of you are still a little hesitant about going back […]

The Thing about DOTS……..

I just love polka dots, you? It must go way back to when I wore polka dot headbands trying to keep my hair in order ( that didn’t really work […]

The Arm Stuff…

If you know me then you know that I love accessories and I believe in their value 110%! The easiest and most fun way to expand your wardrobe, once you […]

Ear caNdY

As I said I loved and wore earrings every single day and then I didn’t. As I moved out of my career as an educator and into image consulting, more […]

Brand You.

You are ready for a career transition? A new one as things shift in our new world? Are you pivoting your business to be more inline with the needs of […]