Ear caNdY

As I said I loved and wore earrings every single day and then I didn’t.

As I moved out of my career as an educator and into image consulting, more into current styles and being more on trend, I moved away from earrings and found myself in a love affair with necklaces– all shapes, sizes, lengths, styles & mediums.

Statement necklaces worked well with the simplicity of other basics, I loved that as it suited my classic with a twist style persona. Sometimes.

Longer pendant necklaces worked effortlessly with tunic style, longer tops/ dresses and fit ‘n  flare style dresses. Another fav that complimented my causal organic style persona. Sometimes.

And then the 3’4 length sleeves flooded the market place, much to my delight. What the perfect space for a huge cuff or masses of bracelets. Perfect. This also blended and helped me communicate the boho elemental classic modern chic side of my style persona. Sometimes.

Earrings you say, what happened to that topic? I’m getting to that.

I have a rule of three- three accessories, three pieces of clothing, clusters of three when I decorate…. many of us in the image world  love the #3.

I wear glasses now, that’s accessory #1. My hair is quite curly or wild as you may or may not know, that’s accessory #2. That leaves me one more accessory if I subscribe to my own advice of 3.

I mostly choose the statement necklace. It brings visual interest and personality to my outfit.

It frames my face which is where I typically like the attention ( it’s the communication centre right?)

It balances the volume of my hair.

Add earrings to this and suddenly it’s too much. The viewer has no idea where to focus. Everything, even gorgeous one of a kind pieces, blend in and become less of a statement. Nothing stands out.

When I chose to wear a longer pendant necklace like these, instead of adding earrings, I prefer to layer a shorter one, further up my torso, closer to my face. Why? Again, keeping the attention higher, near the face. Plus I love the #waterfall effect of layered necklaces.


Also, earrings, unless they are larger and have movement, get lost in my hair. That doesn’t mean I never wear them, I do. But with caution and intention.

I love these and will wear them. How? With a mass of bracelets in silvers, golds and pearls of different shapes to make it work together without being matchy. These earrings are simple yet say pay attention. That’s the job of your accessories, to attract attention , momentarily and create interest.


So you say that makes 4 accessories. True. Sometimes I let 3 be my guide, other times,  I choose 5. Keeping balance and symmetry in my look is important and that’s how I achieve it– but it is planned . I pay attention when I look in the mirror to being just right, not overwhelming, or too  minimal.

If you have short hair, glasses, smaller types of earrings will work best, usually, than huge showy ones. Unless it’s your style persona to be creative and wildly fun. *your hair would be curly most often in this case.

No glasses, short hair with volume, go big, if they suit you.

No glasses, short hair, no volume, pay attention to size and balance.

Wear you hair pulled back most of the time? A statement earring will keep attention on your face and may just be the perfect personality match or conversation starter. Or make you feel vibrant and alive. Wham. Perfect.

If you love wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings then think in terms of 3.  Wearing all of these at once is not a good look. Usually. Pick three from the group- start there. Dangly earrings with necklaces and rings may be too much, especially if you are petite.  Look in the mirror, where does your eye go? How many statement pieces are you wearing at once, one works best. Sometimes.

If earrings are your thing, make them special and minimize your other pieces.

These, in my opinion are spectacular.I would pair them with an equally fabulous cuff, not matching but complimentary. No necklace.


These simple yet statement gold earrings beg for more- a messy gold necklace, a few clean line gold tone unmatched bangles and bracelets.


The oxidized copper and rose gold plated earrings tell me they’re searching for leather wrap & stringy thread bracelets, a cotton fringed scarf and that’s it. Sometimes.


I am hoping this helps you if you are an earring lover. And if that’s the case, start with those and play with the other aspects of your accessories.

Remember sometimes less is more.  However, just to make it fun, as fashion is,  as Iris Apfel says “More is more. Less is a bore.”

You know where to find me if you need accessory or any other wardrobe assistance. It is always my pleasure to guide you along.