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Looking good is not about age, shape, or budget, it’s about understanding.

— Susan Jacobs

Image, Style & Wardrobe Consultant

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Confidence is Always in Style

When you know you look good, you feel good.

Where does all of that start? Deep down inside. That place where you are honest with yourself about all that you are.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, people will judge you.  How you show up. How you speak. How you act. How you present yourself. That is called your ‘image’.

Understanding the importance of image perception is key to achieving success, in all areas of life. That’s a fact.

My hands-on approach will help you
discover, first of all, you, what the world needs to know about you, and then dressing with intention from the inside out will be organic and authentic.

Stop settling. Good is fine but you can and deserve better. How about Great?

If you have never been on your own “To Do” list, now’s the time. I’m a complimentary phone call or email away.

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Now’s YOUR Time. You’ve waited long enough.

What Others Say

What an efficient, productive and fun day! Sue had a list of all our needs ahead which she communicated to her stylist support team at Nordstrom. I loved the convenience of our private, spacious, complimentary suite with our wardrobe pieces brought to us, allowing Sue to stay with us guiding the process. What a nice touch! Selection and prices were great. Store hopping was interesting & fun. Thank you, Sue, for your time, attention to detail and professionalism. Truly a great day! Will definitely do again!

This entire process is unbelievable. I wasn’t sure what would happen through this appointment but it completely exceeded my expectations. I feel hope.I feel stronger. You reminded me that who I am is perfect. I’m so excited to work on that.

I felt empowered after attending Boot Camp and as I dressed for an event, added another layer serving both style & warmth! So many highlights…got compliments on my running outfit too which I accessorized! Just loving all the information I got. Still buzzing from all the fun!

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This is Where It All Begins

When you make the decision to work with me, we’ll start right here with my signature Style Appointment.

This is the way I get to know you, your likes, what your lifestyle looks like, what you love about yourself and where you think things could improve. Moving forward with your image isn’t just about the clothes, it really isn’t. It’s about understanding  what you want the world to know about you from the second you put yourself out there.

Once we’ve created your style formula,  I can show you what that looks like with the wardrobe pieces you have. This is where the fun starts. Dressing you intentionally, from the inside out. It just works.

Book your 15 minute complimentary call. I’ll be happy to answer your questions, explain to you how I work, and we can see if we’re a good fit. There is absolutely no pressure.