I see your potential.
So do your friends.
It all comes together in the
Style Appointment

I see your potential.
So do your friends.
It all comes together in the
Style Appointment

with Susan Jacobs

Image, Style & Wardrobe Consultant

Catherine Bell, esteemed author, instructor and image consultant [Prime Impressions, AICI CIP] says,

“From the moment Susan asked for some guidance in opening her image consultancy, she has never
ceased to amaze me! She is such an intuitive image consultant who guides her clients on an exciting path to discovery. First, she helps them articulate their authentic power style words, and then curates their wardrobe in harmony with them, complete with countless options and creative accessorizing. Her clients always feel confident that they are expressing through their appearance, who they really are on the inside, and open for the very first time. I am so proud of what she has accomplished and am honoured to consider her a colleague.”

In Person & Online

The Style Appointment, my signature first session, is how I get to know you – your dreams and purpose, your view of you, your lifestyle, what you want to move towards, how you want to be seen.

Moving forward with your image isn’t just about clothes. It’s about understanding what you want the world to know about you, without you saying a word.

With your non-refundable deposit we start by creating your unique style formula, a series of words, I am able to translate words into looks using wardrobe pieces you may have right there in your closet. Dressing you intentionally, from the inside out. Authentic Style.

“Our appointment flew by; it was like I’d known you forever. Seeing what my style personality looked like as you made outfits with my own clothes was very interesting. You put what I had together in a way that showcased ME!”

Your Style Appointment

Before this appointment:

You will receive your ‘homework’ via email to work through. Intriguing, reflective exercises that will help you get in touch with the many facets of you and your evolving life.

During this appointment we will:

  • Determine your image goals so ultimately your clothes will speak for you – what you have, what you buy
  • Develop your very own “Style Formula” which are words that we uncover that resonate with you
  • Update a couple outfits, from what you already have, bringing your ‘style formula words’ to life making the outfits feel “you”
  • Start a list of wardrobe pieces to consider purchasing that will round out your selection creating an intentional shopping list
  • prioritize next steps which will be Closet Magic or Personal Shopping
  • when you choose to move forward, I will be there if the timing right now doesn’t work

If this resonates, schedule your complimentary, exploratory call with me now. I’ll be happy to answer your questions, explain my process so you and I can decide if we’re a good fit. There is absolutely no pressure. I dislike being pressured so you won’t get that from me!