Meet Sue Jacobs
Image, Style &
Wardrobe Consultant

“Sue inspires men and women to put their true selves forward by working with them to unearth their authentic style personality. Aligning who they are on the inside with how they present themselves on the outside is her true gift.”

Yes, I'm an Image Coach

What IS an image coach?

Being quite used to a person’s eyes glazing over as they nod and smile when I tell them “I am an image coach,” I must explain what exactly that means.

“An image and wardrobe cheerleader”, “the best fashion and style sister I never had” and “a treasured confidante and style coach” are a few ways that I have been described.

Being passionate about helping my clients understand and claim to own value, all those aspects that everyone else loves about them but that they may have forgotten about or actually never recognized sums it up in my words.

How it works

Before thinking about clothing or outward style, together we dig deep, unearth your gifts, move you out from the shadows towards your own spotlight ultimately, on the runway of your life. This is my business ‘why’. This is where the magic begins! And I am in it for the long haul.

And then what?

Dressing from the inside out becomes effortless as your true self is expressed through a strategically curated wardrobe that speaks (and delights) without you having to say a single word.  When you are clear on your values, your unique gifts and who you are, getting it right in terms of wardrobe is not only achievable but easy.

The result? 

Empowerment, self-awareness, confidence, and an entirely new energy. A full return on the investment in you.

Brenda Kinsel [image consultant, fashion blogger & author] says,

“When it comes to client service, Susan Jacobs is the best choice for wardrobing, styling, and personal shopping services. She’s committed to helping her clients dress their best selves. Susan consciously repurposes and restyles clothes already in the closet as well as finding just the right additional pieces to make a woman’s wardrobe efficient and truly satisfying. Just check out her testimonials. Clients love her friendly, enthusiastic, down-to-earth approach. I’ve known Susan professionally for over nine years and have been a guest on her online class series. She’s got a devoted following for a reason: she’s smart, savvy, and 100% committed to satisfaction. Susan Jacobs has built a successful career in our industry and is happy to help her colleagues thrive as well.”

My Image Journey

When I started on this journey, my second career, I found guidance and affirmation of my own gifts through the community of women I met as an instructor at Brescia University College and The University of Western Ontario. They reinforced and helped me identify and clarify my business purpose, just as I do now by helping my clients align their inner and outer selves.

My work with corporate teams and women’s groups has provided me with many opportunities to deliver impactful workshops, custom designed, developed to suit various goals, that are rich with examples, stories and practical applications.

Authentic Style: Dress For Your Success is my most requested and beloved workshop which I have delivered over 50 times– it is an instant crowd pleaser.

Working with several TV personalities to enhance not just their own style and image, but the company brand, led me to creating and hosting my own TV show ‘Sue in the City’ on now-CTV which provided another medium to reach a larger audience and hone my skills as a collaborator, professional speaker, creative force, and image expert.

Sue is a proud member &
VP Marketing AICI Canada Chapter

 and she absolutely loves her job

Collaboration & Support

As Vice President of Marketing at the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI Canada), I have been honoured to collaborate through both teaching and learning from the thought leaders in the industry worldwide.

Recognizing that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, I am most proud that I have been able to remain committed to giving back at home and abroad. By leveraging the large platform I have created which reaches diverse audiences, we have been able to support causes focused on the protection, education and empowerment of women and vulnerable communities, as well as the Make-A-Wish foundation through our long-standing relationship.