Don't let your image stunt your business growth.
Corporate Services

with Susan Jacobs

Image, Style & Wardrobe Consultant

“Hiring Susan was one of the best investments I have made. She took the time to understand our current
workplace challenges, and was able to communicate our corporate vision to the staff in a fun, informative
and ‘to the point’ presentation. Susan’s impact has created an immediate and measurable difference in
the office. If you are a business looking to raise image awareness and secure success in today’s market,
hire Susan today!”

Visual Presentation

First impressions last.

Is the image of your team aligned with the quality of your product?

Whether you like it or not, your business is judged and influenced by how it is seen through your employees. Being good isn’t good enough in today’s competitive marketplace. You need to stand out.

Having an impeccable image in all aspects of your business is key for client confidence, business sustainability and success. You control your image.

Sue works with you and your teams to ensure that professionalism is communicated through the behaviour, attitudes and the visual presentation of your organization.

“Sue presented a lively and enthusiastic presentation to our client services team to discuss personal image styling and enhancing the visitor experience to our facilities. With the use of visuals, exchange of experiences, suggestions and “consider this” approach, the team was energized with a renewed self-awareness of the contribution they offer.”

Professional Presence

Program Duration: 3 hrs

This interactive, informative program is designed to help your team connect the dots between their image and their personal and professional success.

Sue teaches participants how appearance, communication skills, confident body language and positive energy become extensions of their unique personal style, their brand, ultimately, the company brand.
Your team will walk away feeling informed and empowered to create a personal style that aligns with your
corporate brand identity, while celebrating their unique attributes.

The business result?

Positively impact confidence, productivity, team relationships and client satisfaction.

Sue demonstrates

  • how being aware of key behaviours can make a huge impact on your business’ perception and savvy
  • the messaging subtleties of color, texture, pattern and fabric choices
  • ‘wardrobe capsule dressing’ – the strategy that maximizes your wardrobe investment dollars using concrete visuals
  • how accessories expand your basic wardrobe and deliver your authentic ‘you’ message

“Your presentation was EXACTLY what we were looking for. The women loved it! So practical and you always make things fun. Your model was wonderful and brought the ideas to life. What a great addition. Since so many of our volunteers travel, the topic was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and your passion!”

Lunch N Learn

Program Duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs

Fun, engaging, informative, highly visual & interactive, this program is designed specifically for your business needs, is fast paced to get your staff / team motivated, feeling valued, seeing the ‘what’s in it for me’ piece, and back to work on time.

*online or in person delivery*

Sue demonstrates

  • a clear understanding of how image, that is attitudes and behaviour, impacts personal and professional success
  • tips for identifying which attitudes, behaviours and practices enhance image perception
  • techniques for choosing versatile wardrobe pieces that communicate success and that be functional across all areas of their life, maximizing investment, offering environmentally friendly options

“…With respect to the recent The Business Of You Lunch and Learn that Sue presented to our staff
and partners – the biggest win all for myself and our partners, was Sue bringing the messaging and
content – wardrobe, proper telephone reception, hand shake & listening skills demonstration, back to our
company vision, mission & values statement. We spent a great deal of time and energy developing them
so Sue’s incorporating them reinforced their importance and our responsibility to our employees, clients,
and community in upholding this commitment. Highly recommended. We will be referring her services
Sue’s services to our contacts across numerous industries. Regardless of the genre of your business,
paying attention to your image is key. ..”

Special Subject Series

Business-oriented Programs

Program Duration: 2 hrs

Sue is all about sharing and empowering. Sharing the secret to looking good, feeling good and having great style.

Understanding that looking good is not about age, shape, size, career or budget. It is about understanding what works for you, authentically for you. Dressing with intention from the inside out. Your way. That’s where confidence is born.

These highly popular sessions are being well received online and when the time feels right, can be hosted in your office space, after hours, even your own home.

Don’t see a program that fits your particular business/ group needs? Sue is pleased to customize a program just for you, your team, your bubble of ten.

  1. The Business of You: Nailing Your Personal and Profession Image
  2. Authentic Style: Your Way
  3. Your Clothes Speak On Your Behalf: What are yours saying?

“I always learn so much from Sue! She’s funny, informative and keeps things moving. My past profession
was as a dancer. As I watch Sue put together tops & bottoms, scarves and accessories, it’s like watching
a beautiful dance. She is creative in putting together combos that you would never think of. And THEY
Work!!! It’s truly fascinating! I keep learning and learning no matter what workshop I’ve been to with Sue.
Hiring her to consult with me individually with my wardrobe was the best investment in me. Thanks for
another fabulous evening with great women!!!”

Fun Girls Night Out Options

Book Club, Wine Club, Special Interest Group, Team Building, or Girls Night Out

Program Duration: 2 hrs

Overwhelm minimized. Learning maximized.

  1. AccessorEASE
  2. 50 Shades of Style: Getting Dressing over 50 Right
  3. Summer Casual Chic
  4. Say YES to a Dress
  5. Looking Fine in a Dime
  6. BYOB – Bring Your Own Black
  7. The Ultimate Footwear Talk
  8. Go Ahead, Add that Edge
  9. Be Your Own Stylist
  10. Casual Chic: The New Norm