Now that things are a little more relaxed… Finally, it looks like life is resuming.

Some of you are still a little hesitant about going back to former practices and routines, as I am, being candid here.

While others of you are taking things in stride and getting away, somewhere, anywhere you can. Great. A change is always good.

While you probably have packed for many trips in your life, now is not the time to slack off, even if you’re headed to the cottage.

What I know, what I have been hearing from my clients and how I am feeling myself is this: putting something on that I bought back in February for summer, something I’ve loved wearing every summer, something that feels great on my skin is what makes me feel better, more normal and that is what helps keep those endorphins flowing. Once complacency sets in, doom is on the way.

Before you shake your head and form an opinion, hear me out.
Cottage country is gorgeous. How can Mother Nature not be?
However socializing does happen at the cottage. You’re invited to a dock party, a bbq or a nice evening of games at a new neighbours home. Perfect. That’s the time to dig into your suitcase or closet for something fun and that doesn’t mean beach coverup attire. Unless of course, it’s Seychelles or the Tofino Towel company! It’s all about maintaining your own standard of feeling good, making an effort.

Casual can be chic, it must always be comfortable. It needs to be in your suitcase. Here are a few must have pieces and ideas how to make and keep it simple yet stylish.

Make it easy to say yes to any type of getaway with these seasonal travel tips!

The essential dark denim, good fitting Jean.

Dress this essential piece up: wear a cute little block heeled sandal, a patterned flowy top, earrings, or a necklace or both if you like.
*substitute organic pieces here * Show off those frayed edges with a cute shoe*

Dress this essential piece down: wear your ‘chucks’ no socks, a striped T-shirt, and tie that lightweight cardigan around your waist.

The essential: a good fitting sheath style dress in a solid colour or a subtle print.
* not your work dress. This can be cotton, linen or jersey

Confession-> I have never made a trip to the cottage without at least two LBD, yup, that’s right.

Dress this essential piece up: Add a shawl in a non-neutral colour for style and warmth for that boat ride back or a late night stroll. Make sure to pack something pretty that has movement or is attention-getting, maybe some shimmer so that it will catch the light of the fire or moon and dance off your face.

Dress this essential piece down: add a Jean jacket, sunglasses, and a flat sandal or that little converse. Done.

Pack this piece for extra fashion mileage: a wide brimmed hat in your favourite style – practical meets fashion

The essential: a cashmere cardigan that you can wear out for dinner or overtop of everything.

Dress this essential piece up: wear your solid colour wedge, (balance, stability, style) add your cardigan over your fitted sheath dress * buttoned up like a pullover or open, Wear a scarf, linen or cotton, and a pop of your best colour on your lips.* if your style is oversized, perfect.*

Dress this essential piece down: roll up your jeans, add your casual shoe and your striped T or a fresh graphic one. Roll the sleeves of your sweater up and if your T-shirt has long sleeves, pull them out for contrast.

Pack this piece for extra fashion mileage: a tiny neckerchief to add a dash of sass, pop of color or more pattern & replace a necklace.

The essential: A few well edited accessories. * don’t leave home without these*

Dress up every outfit with cool or warm toned jewelry: dangly earrings, a long chain pendant or two of various lengths; leather/ metal cuffs and / bangles. Your thick gold hoops, mixed metal earrings, tassel, and other organic pieces are great tag alongs. Wear your necklaces long or double them up. Layer, layer, layer.


Pack these pieces for extra “accessory wattage”: a statement necklace full of color, a chunky cocktail ring, and/or a solid scarf that matches your jewelry tone.  Chic, Fun, Unique
You never know who you’re going to meet – CONFESSION – one such example I met one of my rival American College football coaches at a cottage card party soiree.

The essential: a sleeper capsule like comfy drawstring pants or shorts and a loose top.

Choose cashmere or flannel for cooler weather destinations and cotton or silk for hot weather.

Pack these pieces for more active nighttime activities: silky robe, slippers, and perhaps a sexy nightgown or two. ????

The essential: A travel bag that suits your style.

Link website –

A tote is perfect for a carry-on, browsing, touring, and or going to the beach or dock party. Another travel bag choice is a crossbody bag that is small to medium in size. Tuck it into your larger travel tote so you have it for short excursions.

Pack this extra bag for variety: a small going out funky clutch in fabric, metallic leather, or specially the season, something structured, embroidered, or rattan. Perfectly perfect for your evenings out.

So, are you ready to get going? I sure am.

But for now, the farthest I’ll be traveling is to my hair salon, friends homes for safely distanced meals or drinks, & beach bonfires. Maybe I’ll sneak in a patio outing or two … or there. Time will tell.

Wherever you go, dress for you. Don’t give a second thought to what others are wearing. Be yourself. As long as you are honoring you, that’s what matters.

Why? Because you are worth it.

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