Local & Loving it – Port Stanley

I very much believe in community, if you know me you already are aware of my commitment to giving back. I urge you to remember FoodBanks in this, particularly difficult time. Donate what you […]

What is Business Casual?

Hello everyone, With the new way of working over the last several months, online,  that changed for a couple of months into returning to physical office spaces only to revert […]

How To Dress Up Your Jeans

Well the truth is, there are not too many party invitations being sent out these days but let’s look to the future….. many would have said : dressy casual attire So, this […]


Wearing Prints for Personal and Practical Reasons PRINTS ARE VERY PERSONAL If there was a lineup of prints, you could quite easily spot one you like and quickly reject the ones […]

Boots, Booties, and More Booties!

You’ve seen them everywhere: Ankle boots or booties are still taking over everyone’s fashion feet. Especially this season. There’s so much to love about them. They’re comfortable and easy to […]

Layering: The Art of it All

If you’ve ever wondered how some people do such a great job of layering clothes or accessories and getting such great results, this is the season to sharpen your layering […]

Upcoming MasterClass

STYLE WORDS.. the answer to getting ready for your life…. Check out this video where I talk all about my upcoming MasterClass! Message me for more details and to register […]

Letting Go

Letting Go.   Yes it is Oh so hard… Everyone experiences opening their closet door and seeing items that they haven’t worn. Could it be that it’s time to let […]

Transition Talk…..and My Personal Favs.

All of a sudden your favourite summer pieces are looking a little out of place. The temperatures are still warm but fall is definitely on the horizon, leaves are on […]

Undergarments – The Hidden Truth

This is a re-write of an article I wrote for Real Women Canada a few years ago.  I decided to update and share since it is a constant topic in […]