Oh My Gosh! Everything’s On Sale

‘Tis the season….for sales, sales, sales.  Now this can be an amazing opportunity if you need a few summer items. It can also be a time when emotion defeats logic because you see the word SALE and have an immediate need response. And you probably haven’t been shopping much lately so this may just trigger your FUN emoji. Several emergency calls from wanting / needing clients have resulted in calm, clarifying conversations with a ‘what was I thinking’ comment just before the click! Fantastic.

Here is what I recommend.

Ask yourself :

  • do I need anything
  • have I taken note of what’s on my ’needs’ or ’special item’ shopping list
  • do I really want to spend more now on summer clothes
  • am I really just wanting something ‘new’

Because……  you could… wait. Fall fashions are steamy hot and just about to flood the market place…..  if you don’t need anything, keep a firm grip on your charge / debit card.

Shopping may be worth exploring if, however, there are pieces that:

  • have worn out and need replacing ( black or white tees)
  • that you didn’t buy at regular price but that makes sense now, 
  • would round out your capsules
  • would help transition your ‘not so casual’ wardrobe to what is currently feeling right working or being at home more
  • can help add some fun (think color) to your wardrobe because we all need that

Here are a few tips to help you make wise choices and enjoy your shopping experience. It should always be fun and rewarding!

-> Define your shopping objectives – Just because everything is on sale, don’t buy on impulse – Think. It.Through.

-> Going shopping when you’re tired, rushed, or hungry isn’t fun. And you want it to be!  So, shop when you have time & turn off your mobile phone. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks. Shopping online while in a rush never works unless that item has been in your cart for a while. Again, Think. It. Through.

-> For the best results, if you are shopping in real time, make sure you look great, with hair and makeup done the way you like it. Then you’ll know just how fabulous you’re going to look with your new finds.


-> Be cautious: Ask yourself if you would buy the same thing if it were full price. If you aren’t 100% in LOVE with it, walk away, leave it in the cart. Check the return policy as well, both online and in person shops. 

-> A new outfit isn’t complete without your accessories. Include searching for those items at second hand, vintage and specialty shops like Style 360 here in London.


-> Remember looking good starts under your clothes. Make sure your sale shopping spree includes shopping for intimate apparel.

If you need help making prudent choices during SALE time, give me a call. I would love to help and I know exactly where to look for the best selection, best value, and to make sure what you add to your closet doesn’t just work with your wardrobe, I want to make sure they ignite it! 

Oh, all of this in record time, no frustration, no fashion misses.  What are you waiting for?

Check out my services here.

It is that easy.