The Thing about DOTS……..

I just love polka dots, you?

It must go way back to when I wore polka dot headbands trying to keep my hair in order ( that didn’t really work well) or the little socks my mom would put me in each Sunday as we went off to mass. Or just the overall cheerfulness of them.

Here’s my dot story.

So back two seasons, when meeting in person was fun and anticipated warmly, I was looking for an easy, summery, modest dress that was fairly slim fitting, sleeved and not black – BINGO! This happened to be the one. I had a couple of summer business meetings, not formal in nature, that were to be conducted outside. Now, I can continue to enjoy and will wear this, regardless of where my meetings take place, physically distanced or online.

It is the perfect mix. Upbeat. Color. Conservative. Fun.

As always, I plan what I’ll be wearing before the morning of the appointment to avoid any unnecessary slow downs – dogs running away, breakfast prep interrupted, you get it. Life.

However, on this day in question – when I slipped it on, added my fav summer sandal, mustard in color, grabbed my coral handbag and looked in the mirror all I could see were dots. My head had disappeared. Not good. Not good at all.

Reaching for my fav navy crystal necklace I knew it wasn’t going to be the solution. Why hadn’t this been what I had seen days before when I had planned the outfit?

I knew I needed to tone down the overall volume of the dots. The person with whom I was meeting may enjoy fun but she certainly would not enjoy feeling that I was not serious about our meeting.

By creating a distraction somewhere else I could accomplish this. I do it all of the time for my clients.

I quickly scanned my choker style necklaces that were similar in shape – round bits,had the right feel – warm, matte metal findings and related in terms of energy – some movement.

I found the perfect piece, a necklace I have had for probably 15 years. When I layered it inside my fuller navy one, I loved the effect.

neck dots

My meeting was wonderful and everywhere I went that day people commented on my necklace and were surprised and wowed when I showed them it was two – layered and suggested that they too could create this.

Not being able to wear mustard near my face, I enjoy these sandals and wear them every chance I get – comfortable and color, a neutral in my wardrobe.

purse dots
chect dots

All in all a simple summer dress that speaks to my personality and lifestyle needs that is both versatile and appropriate. I looking forward to transitioning this into fall by adding some denim, a bootie, tights and to dress it up, a lovely navy duster with my favourite little green pumps.
And I sure hope to be wearing it out and about.

But if not, I know those dots will be sending my hopeful, cheerful message.

And that will work for now.


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full dots