Brand You.

You are ready for a career transition? A new one as things shift in our new world? Are you pivoting your business to be more inline with the needs of the times? Are you actively interviewing for new jobs?

You need to influence people and make strong first impressions.

Establishing a personal brand that is consistent across all areas of who you are is vital is sending a strong, authentic message. This is your image.

As an image consultant I help my clients see and own their unique gifts, think about and act on what they want to move away from. That’s when I can guide them in making strategic wardrobe choices that will communicate their desired message. This is about digging deep, being open, honest, realistic and intentional about every aspect of you.

Your actions speak volumes. Your body language has its own messaging. Your wardrobe and style are how you package yourself. This is your YOUbrand.

You only have 5 to 12 seconds to make a first impression.

Your resume is already in the hands of the interviewer. Assuredly they have formed some type of impression about you because, you know they’ve Googled you, read your profile on LinkedIn, maybe even scrolled through Facebook to see what you’re up to socially. When you walk through the “virtual door,” from the second you engage in eye contact, shift in your chair, your ‘visual presentation’ is making an impact.

Image refers to all aspects of appearance: behavior, attitude, attire. Perceived image determines your success both personally and professionally. The good news is you control your image. When one area is out of sync, confusion, doubt and a disconnect will be created in your audience. Once that happens, trust is more difficult to gain, your chances of being ‘heard’ diminished and your personal brand is weakened.

Relationships are built on trust. Be diligent about delivering ’you’ consistently.

Take a critical look at what you’re wearing, you may be surprised. Are you sending your intended message: polished, authentic, energetic, intentional, intelligent, creative, innovative? Your clothes, like your surroundings, are representations of you. They tell your story. You pen your own story. I can help you make it a bestseller.

Figure out exactly what you want the world to know about you. That’s how you present an authentic brand.

Why be like everyone else when you can be you?

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