Wider & Wider…..

Crop full bottoms are a hot  trend this coming Summer.

Will you wear them? Have some from back a few decades? Here are a few looks I snapped a few months back while researching trends in Toronto.

As is the case many a things fashion and new styles, it’s all about footwear and proportion And feeling like you #ownthelook.. Being petite, 5’4″ or under may not mean this trend is not for you.

Wide legs are great if you carry weight in your thighs. Make  sure the fabric flows over your thighs, not cling to it.

If you are very slim and tall, anything goes. Lucky you.

Slim and petite, watch the volume of the pant and try to wear some height if you must have a full pant. The full pant can overwhelm a very petite frame.

Average build, and petite, choose your length carefully. Less volume is best but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a voluminous pair. If you do, wear a tall wedge or block style pump.

I’ll try this new trend but for me the width of the pant will be conservative, I’ll keep the length right to my ankles and shoes? Well that’s where the right bootie comes in and those gorgeous chunky summer sandals.

Layering works well for this style of bottom. I’ll be extending my height by wearing the same color top and bottom and layering something cropped on top. A long necklace or a waterfall selection ( several of different lengths) will finish this look for me.

cropped legs 3

If you need help with this trend or putting together your summer looks, call or email me. I’d love to help!