Hello everyone and welcome to almost SPRING!!!

This is the time of year when typically energy is exploding everywhere as the new Fashion season awaits. For me, I could not be more excited and I bet (and I’m not a betting gal) that you are with me on that one. For many reasons, of course, one of them being the new fashion ideas and more so the idea of being able to get outside, see family & friends, from a distance still and enjoy getting dressed from head to toe, more often with the hopes that we will be wearing more of our clothes, enjoying the feeling of our authentic style, to the fullest.

So if you have been able to do a spring/summer closet sweep you might be ready to add something new, donate to charity or set yourself up at a resale shop to help others enjoy what no longer serves who you are. If not, you should. Why? Because this season I am seeing many trends that are easy to incorporate, that you may have already in your wardrobe (or storage bins) in some older version and that you have been waiting for, like me.

As I mentioned earlier, I would like you to keep in mind that many manufacturers have cut back in production which, coupled with closures, has resulted in the staggered arrival of spring goods in most regions. The photos I have included are products that are on site [or that will be arriving] from Saffron Rd and Channer’s, both favourite retail boutiques of mine, here in London, Ontario. 

This spring highlighting 6 specific areas where I feel designers have been mindful, practical and clever in their design for maximum usage, seems appropriate. As I type these words, it seems quite strange to be describing trends in this way. Yet here it is.

Hang on. Dig back in your wardrobe. Reach out if you need guidance.


From highlighter brights like citron, chartreuse and magenta to watery, beautiful, dreamy colors there is a palette for every style personality. I love this coral shade, that is flattering on most everyone. Don’t forget to look for color in accessories such as eyewear, scarves and hats. Pull out yours from yesteryear and see if they work for you now. I love that designers have used color to wake us up and feel the joy this season.


Here is a trend to remember. The ’60s were fun, crazy, revolutionary, remember? I love how this trend has resurfaced this season, moving along from last, did you know? I think designers knew we all needed some reminiscent feels and this is it. Have a tee or sweatshirt in your wardrobe that you love but that has faded from love and wear? Pull out some dye, plunge in your top, tie it up, wait = voila — on trend you are. This season we will see this pattern applied to a variety of tops from relaxed weekend causal to more smart casual fabric options.
This peace sign tie-dyed cotton knit below is an example of a wardrobe piece that can be used to dress down classics. I like it!


Romantic style personalities — this season is for you! Take a look at all of the florals both small and exaggerated that are everywhere from home decor, linens to your basic and fancy wardrobe pieces including shoes, bags, sneakers and slides. IF this is a design print that you LOVE, then this is the season for you to search for something special to add to your wardrobe. When a trend that you like is popular, that’s when you grab it, making sure you will love it, trendy or not.


We have been loving comfort in our clothing for months. We long for comfort when things are out of sorts. Designers have made brilliant gains in this area and I for one love the new offerings. From weekend wear to out and about anywhere, to private clubs or cocktails, loungewear  (tracksuits —eeek sounds degrading to use this term)  gives us everything and then some. From tie-dyed to print to yummy colors that look rich and chic, from cotton to silk combinations, something for everyone.

 *IMAGE TIP:  to look more dressed up in any outfit, wear the same color (monochromatic) head to toe.


I recall when the trend of wearing sneakers (not athletic gym shoes) with skirts, dresses, cropped pants was on the horizon: I announced a quick, assertive, NEVER fearing I was too short, too old, too everything. Was I hasty and very wrong!  I love wearing that look and have for the past 2 years. This season you are going to see so many sneaker options that it will be impossible to ignore. And when there is a strong practical trend like this one, inspiration and styling ideas will be everywhere. From sporty to edgy to romantic featuring florals & lace to classic there is an option for you.

*STYLE TIP: it takes time to switch mindsets. Now, may just be that time.

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of me with my mom, who always loves my shoes. This visit (more than 1 year ago-) she wanted my sneakers. Although they are 2 sizes larger! Even at 95, she’s still got the style factor. ❤️

Graphic Tees:

A Canadian Dream piece by Toronto accessory designer Suzi Roher.

Graphic tees are something I am always, regardless of the season, looking to add to the wardrobes of my clients. And it has never been an easy task. Imagine my excitement when I was introduced to these! So I am just delighted to be sharing this brand with you. They have become a client [and my]wardrobe basic favourite. I love a good cotton: these do not disappoint. These are the best of 100% premium cotton, super comfortable and last the test of time and laundering. My picks are full of color from quiet to dramatic to suit every style personality. I love that they all tell a story – each one specific and speaking to the current state of things in the world and fashion industry influencers. Wear them tucked in or out, these are fabulous as stand-alone pieces or make interesting layers that add personality while dressing up your casual or dressing down your corporate. My 5 favourites encompass different color combinations, style personality appeal and messages. And to make your shopping easy, just click on the link below the name of each tee. I personally stand behind this product and know you will LOVE yours as much as I adore mine. [I mean a coffee in bed tee- divine]

Speaking about footwear, I would love your input. Just having finished my recent MASTERclass I am being encouraged and feel compelled to offer something similar, all about footwear. This MASTERclass would be geared to / specific to style personalities. Thinking it would be a 1.5 hr class, in the evening, lots of visuals and would focus on the WHAT, the WHY the Where and the WEAR. Price range would be $87-$93 …..I would love to hear from you. 

Saving you time and money would never look better as you learn how to honor your style archetype in your footwear choices [the what], understand what to avoid /what flatters [the why] know what styles/ brands would work for you based on my experience with quality, value and versatility [the where] and how to avoid style fails (the wear). I DO want to hear from you. I am here to make life easier for you in getting ready for your life. What you have to say matters to me.

As always, I would love for you to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues who may enjoy getting the inside scoop on what is happening in the world of style, wardrobe and fashion tips. 

Until next time,