Local & Loving it – Toronto

I very much believe in community, if you know me you already are aware of my commitment to giving back. I urge you to remember FoodBanks in this, particularly difficult time. Donate what you can, anything no matter how insignificant it may seem to help. More than you can imagine. A little and a little more and a little more makes a lot more. Donate to your favourite creative arts provider, The Grand Theatre, Blyth Theatre, Stratford Festival, Aeolian Hall…. these resources need our support more than ever before. Can you imagine a life without the arts? I can’t.

As for my blog, the businesses I have selected are far more than that, a business, to me. They are people. They are friends. They are risk-takers. They are heart-centred. They are creators and brilliant thinkers who provide beauty to our world. In every instance I can, I will be ordering little things from a variety of places so that in the end, after all, is said and done, I know I did my part. And guess what? It is so much more fun!!! That is what will make me feel good this Christmas. That and seeing the faces on those in my virtual bubble when they receive the special something I found just for them, local and Canadian nurtured.

Suzi Roher

Suzi Roher’s is known for its refined elegance, unique design, and superior craftsmanship.

Check them out here!


Versatile jewellery that lets YOU be the creator!   

Check them out here!

Mamakas Taverna

A Toronto fav for food and fun!! 

Check them out here!

Detox Market


Check them out here!


A REAL old school book shop. Love it!!    

Check out their holiday gift guide here!

Check out their shop here!

The Paper Place

SO much more than paper. I always stop in each visit to the city.    

Check them out here!

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Majesty’s Pleasure is where fun and beauty meets pleasure. And a great cocktail (or three). 

Check them out here!


My fav, independent fashion stop in Toronto.

Missing Kasha & Mercedes a lot these days ❤️ 

Check them out here! & on instagram @shopfawn

Oak n Fort

Great Canadian fashion reasonably priced.

Check them out here!

The Cashmere shop

A must stop. Delicious pieces.  

Check them out here!


VdeV is a home decor and furniture store with a vintage and industrial style.

Check them out here!

I do hope you had fun reading all of my favourite haunts. This was a lot of work but a lot of fun memories are attached so that wort made the time spent so worthwhile!

Enjoy. Stay safe. Have fun browsing/shopping. 

IF you need me to help you find some things, please reach out. I do that you know, 😁 shopping online is getting to be my thing. Happy to find you the perfect some-things HERE.

Love and hugs,