img_3803 img_3802*as a follow up to either Closet Downsizing or Style Appointment or Personal Shopping

Have some great pieces but no idea how to put together an outfit?

Love some of your oldies but are they still goodies?
Always love what others are wearing, wish you could have their “look”?  

Random and constant shopping for ‘things’ results in a wardrobe that doesn’t work.

During this wardrobe building session, I will:

  • show you how to mix your old with your new
  • help you celebrate your good purchases by creating new, flattering outfits
  • show you how accessories can change the mood and feel of your look
  • show how shopping in ‘capsules’ translates to creating several looks with one basic
  • keep a record of your fabulous new outfits on your very own ‘wardrobe charts’ or pictures saved on your iPhone


Thanks SO much for showing me some clever ways to wear one of my fav dresses. I love how with changing the shape of the tops & switching accessories the entire mood of the outfit shifts! And then you wowed me again with my silky patterned blouse! Combinations I never would have tried. Fantastic!!