Sue in the City Shopping Excursion

Sue is offering this exciting new shopping service —

In a time like the present, I am hearing from women just like you that more is not more. More is confusing, frustrating and not solving wardrobe issues. Not to mention a constant flow of outgoing funds.

What you really want is having go-to outfits that are ready when you need them, that fit perfectly and that will suit every occasion in your life. That’s when you can go out the door calmly, feeling chic and confident.

This 12-hour excursion:

  • is limited to three women per outing.
  • takes you to Toronto by train which includes dinner & “beverages” on your return trip
  • boasts a full day of guided shopping, introducing you to new shops, designers & options that are unique
  • provides the comfort of a private dressing area and personal snack & beverage services fit for a queen – you
  • includes preselected pieces culled by Sue and her Toronto team just for you so clothes await upon your arrival
  • guarantees Sue’s personal styling ensuring you make the best purchases, that will honor your style and your budget.
  • a beautiful lunch midday is a la carte and not included

* this outing is a special perk for clients who have used Sue’s services in the last 6 months. If you have worked with Sue before but are not a current client, you don’t have to miss out! Contact Sue right away for a 2-hour wardrobe update appointment and get in on this exclusive experience.

Now booking for late February, early March – $999 + HST

Personal Shopping Outing


SAVE time.  SAVE the uncertainty. SAVE the planet. SAVE your image by having me shop for you.

HOW?  Based on your image goals and style formula, I will pull a varied selection for you. I can teach you ‘the why’ or just get you the goods – your choice.

Designed with you in mind, your personal shopping outing:

  • begins with a pre-selected capsule wardrobe based on your needs ensuring you select from only what you need
  • promises not to just fill the space in your closet, rather fill the needs in your wardrobe
  • gives you the opportunity to experiment with new styles and combinations with the guidance of an expert
  • will consist of pieces that have been selected to build on what you already have & love which keeps the environmental impact in mind
  • will include adding ‘the basics’ that can take you from day to night & everything in between
  • can mean shopping for new frames and or sunglasses. Why not? Glasses are a fun accessory!
  • could be selecting new accessories. The easiest, most fun and cost-effective way to transform your existing wardrobe * the added benefit, you need less clothes
  • will result in your having a versatile, interesting & multi purposeful wardrobe that communicates your brilliance and uniqueness
  • will show you how less is more
  • save you time getting ready for your life because you know everything works for your body and style
  • will save you money in the long term because Fast Fashion is not an option in my consultancy practice
  • will launch your confidence meter.


 Now how fabulous is that? Looking good, on your term, your way with minimal environmental impact. Less is more. Buy better quality. Have pieces longer.


Rave Reviews

I had a great day with you and I know how much thought you put into our shopping outing. I really appreciate your skill in helping to cut through all of the clutter and find some pieces that I absolutely love. Usually at this time of year I would walk into a fully stocked store and feel overwhelmed because I wouldn’t know where to start., And end up walking right back out again (or leaving with another pair or black or gray bottoms!). Your methods make a lot of sense and I have actually tried to employ some of them in getting my boys ready for back to school this year — did an inventory and made a list. Much less morning drama in our house Thank you Sue.