closet magic16602399_1269451413101841_6026835605449497449_oGetting dressed was never easier, 5 minutes and ready for YOUR life!
closet magic2

During the Closet Magic appointment, I will dive into your closet to:

  • reinvent what works for you now considering your body shape, image goals & lifestyle
  • record outfits for QUICK and EASY reference, dressing for every occasion — wardrobe charts or cell phone/ Ipad pics
  • create a pile of Needs to Go – donate to charities or resale
  • create a list of key pieces that will round out your wardrobe for your shopping outing – nothing more


Appointment Duration: 2-4 hours, based on needs

Rave Reviews

“What I just loved about today, even though the intention was to put together new outfits with the clothes we recently purchased, is the way you worked with many of my other pieces, pieces that I love but that are not as ‘good’ as the ones we shopped for. I never ever would have imagined so many new, fun, creative ways of wearing the clothes in my wardrobe.  You’re helping me make final decisions on what to discard, those clothes that had lost their lustre in every way was huge. That you took them with you, bonus! Always fun. Always so educating. Mind blowing! Thank you.”

Sue Das