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You are only wearing 17% of what’s in there. Why? It’s too overwhelming to dig through. Downsize. With intention. Subscribe to more sustainability in your wardrobe

Too much stuff is stressful. Fact.

Too much stuff makes landfills happy

Too much stuff doesn’t mean more. Fact

Too much stuff is money wasted and contributes to overall waste. Fact.

Too much stuff often = nothing to wear

The only way to look “put together, polished, on fleek, fresh” is to wear things that fit and flatter, and that you love.

Save TIME. Save FRUSTRATION.  How? GETTING RID of everything that you don’t love, doesn’t suit you or that’s had it’s time.

During the Downsizing appointment we will:

  • edit your wardrobe and keep only what you love, what works for your body and image goals
  • store what you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to – no questions asked
  • remove clothes that are tired, dated, faded, stained and unflattering and donate to charitable services
  • reclaim your space and organize your wardrobe so everything is at your fingertips
  • build your style confidence by keeping only what showcases you


Rave Reviews

I never could have imagined that cleaning out 75% of my closet would leave me feeling like I have more to choose from, not less. Your keen eye and ability to mix and match what I already have, with some key additions, have transformed my wardrobe. I feel stronger, more current and more confident when I step out the door now. Thank you so much.


It’s so wonderful to have a streamlined wardrobe – have pieces that all work together. I cannot believe how good it felt to get rid of everything that was no longer ‘me,’ I’ve overcome that nagging feeling of not being presentable. I feel like a million bucks!