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The Rack Pack: Packing with a Rack.

A couple of weeks ago, when I started to think about what to take to the cottage for Thanksgiving weekend I did what I always do. I check the weather. And sometimes we know that weather reports are less than reliable. Something else I know only all too well is that when you are on a lake, a large one at that, a weather forecast can be as reliable as a lighting a match in a rain storm.

Since we had been experiencing warm weather I sort of had a premonition that that would not continue. Thank goodness I heeded that insight.

Regardless of where I’m traveling, I always start out pulling out the basics and putting them onto my rolling rack. That way I can easily see what I have and I can move them around creating outfits without wrestling with the rest of my closet dwellers.

Here is what I started out with on the rack – pants: three pairs of them; a range of tops from underpinnings to outer layers. Next I added a tunic that could double as a dress if I needed it for Thanksgiving dinner. If I didn’t, it was a great top to wear over the leggings I had packed.I took 3 pair of shoes: one very comfortable flat shoe, A pair of flip-flops for easy going in and out of the cottage, the other a comfortable neutral coloured bootie that would work with all of my bottoms and the tunic dress. Last but not least was my little Stella and Dot straight pouch full of just the right jewellery to finish my outfits in a modest kind of polished casual way.


Here’s what was left behind. And extra purse, 2 scarves, and a couple of tops.



I think it’s important to show you the formula that I use when packing so hopefully will find it helpful.

I start out with the bottoms so in this case I had a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans and a pair of good old trusty black leggings.


For my tops: Just as when I build wardrobes or pack my clients to go on trips I want to make sure I have at least three tops, different categories of tops, for every bottom. In that way you can change the look of your bottom very easily because your tops all say something different. You can see here that I have five which I would call casual tops – two of them pull over tunics/ graphic T-shirts, I have a denim button up shirt, and two plaid blouses. All of these items are very relaxed in nature yet the collared shirts are the most dressy of the bunch, with the denim shirt leading the pack.


The next three are all pullover sweaters, of various weights, great for layering over every single top mentioned above. I just could not forget the traditional off-white fisherman style sweater of decades gone past.


Next are the layers that go on top of all the above mentioned tops. Specifically a denim jacket, a cozy off white zip up hoodie and a long cotton cardigan. Regardless of the temperatures I have ensured that I will be comfortable in terms of both warmth and appropriateness.


And there’s my little black tunic which is dress length for me. Of course I had to add an organic piece of jewellery to make it complete. If I were wearing this in a casual way I would layer it over my black jeans rolled them up a little at the ankle and put on my neutral flat or my peep toe booties. If people were dressing for dinner then I would swap out my jeans for a pair of black textured leotards, had several more bracelets including some sparkly ones to my wrist. Easy changes like this can take you from a weekend casual look to a little more dressy polished casual feel.


You can see my three bottoms: jeans, jeans and leggings. Comfort, comfort and comfort.


Last of all was my oversized buffalo plaid scarf that came in handy so many times. I never travel without scarves regardless of how I’m travelling be it on the train, on a plane or in the car.


What I love is that when I return,  I can open up my suitcase, right in front of my rack, take out items immediately and place them back on the hangers that are waiting. If things need to be laundered, I head for the hamper. Empty hangers let me know what’s needing to go back.

All in all an easy process that is efficient and fast.

I hope I can convince you to consider a rolling rack. Or at least thinking about the different levels of dress of the tops you choose when traveling with one bottom yet needing several looks.

Love your feedback of course. It’s always smart to ask. Why? Because you will get an answer and then you will know.

Because confidence is always in style.






A Love Affair with Booties

The thing about booties

It seems like booties have been the Cutie Pie’s of footwear forever. I mean just the word alone makes you want to have some.

Booties come in all shapes and sizes , from stiletto heel to flat from round and peep toes to rocker pointy.
Wedge booties, ankle booties, mid calf booties , ankle wrap booties on and on and on.

I love them for one main reason – they are comfortable. Now, I do love the look of them too just sayin’,  for me, they are the most comfortable footwear option.  I love my olive green mid-calf nubuck booties, I adore my navy suede roll cuff ankle booties and I reach for my newest acquisition, a very flat pointy black Chelsea sort of style bootie, all too often.

So this is what happened to me this week so I thought I’d share.

I was getting ready for a meeting with one of my current clients and I wanted to wear my  black maxi pencil skirt because it was chilly out and because I love it!  Since I would be standing for a significant amount of time I needed to be comfortable both in terms of footwear and what I chose to wear with my maxi skirt. In the end I decided that I would go for something in a burgundy tone, a pull over non structured sweater, a loose woven knit which I layered over a slim, black tank. Topped off with my favorite – long strands of organic jewelry with every fall color represented – you can imagine.

Not a big fan of matchy – matchy I did not go for the colored tights instead opting for a pair of black textured ones. It felt good to pull them on. I do adore fall.

Next step: footwear. Which of these three booties that I had earmarked for this particular day were going to do the job?


Because I am short, a taller heel usually works best with a long hemline but I had my doubts about this particular bootie because it can have a dressy vibe even though the leather is more matte than shiny. I pulled them on anyway. Loved the height and I loved how I felt – sleek- but I just felt something was off.

On to Choice #2. This one is a much lower heel, much like that of a cowboy boot and the leather is a new buck suede. The texture of the boot works with the composition of my outfit – a knit sweater and skirt. However the minute I slipped it on my foot without even zipping it up or looking in the mirror I knew this choice was wrong for me at this point in time. with this particular outfit, on this particular day. I wanted them to work because they are so, so comfortable.


Last option, and the oldest boot of the collection. This brand is called Modern Vintage and I love the comfort and style of this bootie. It has been to the cobbler many seasons to get refurbished so that it can maintain it’s black fresh suede look. I’m fearful that this may be the last season that I feel confident wearing it. Because the heel is kind of quirky and it has a bit of a pointy shape to it, it can come across as more dressy. The lack of hardware also lends itself to the appearance of being a little more upscale. The texture of the suede paired with my textured tights and slightly textured black tube skirt all worked well. But as I move towards the mirror I knew that these were not the right choice either. My sweater was not fitted, it was slightly exaggerated, a boxy style which communicates a more relaxed overall look. I wasn’t loving this look for today’s client. I felt short and square and without presence. Plus the boot was adding a different vibe, a casual day stroll in a quant town-not what I was going for.


Back to the drawing board. I knew what needed to happen.

I removed my jewelry and replaced it with more polished and manufactured looking pieces still lengthy and full of color but with some brass and dirty gold accents. I put on the slim, tall heeled booties with the goldish side zipper and knew I was now ready for my client meeting.


The moral to the story here is that although we have something in our mind and we want it to work doesn’t mean that it’s going to. I love all three pairs of boots and indeed wanted to wear the suede boot that was embellishment free however that would have required an entire new outfit change and I wasn’t about to go down that road. I wanted to wear my black, tube knit maxi skirt and that’s what I did. It took a little longer getting ready that morning but I felt confident, polished and put together in a modern current fashionable way. Exactly like I need to feel every single day.

Because confidence is always in style.

• if you have any questions about booties please send me a note, attach a picture and I will do my best to help you.•

Walking the Talk. A Dressy-Downsizing

Sometimes you just have to say OK this needs to happen, and it’s going to happen. Let’s just get it done.

Today is Sunday, it is quite uninspiring outside but I made the decision yesterday that today was the day. Walking the talk is important – it’s always good to practice what you preach.

A new box of hangers ready to go, pad of paper, pen, the house completely to myself for the entire day, determination in high gear, delicious coffee, favourite Coffee Shop music on in the background, chili all prepared and simmering for next weekend….. I’m ready.


My armoire is completely empty as I have transferred every single dress to my rolling rack so that I can move them around freely and see exactly what has been hiding in there these past few months. I have taken some photos that will chronicle each step that I took in organizing my needing-to-be-put-away summer pieces to my better-transition-now pieces to the clearly cooler temperature garments with the more dressy pieces at the end on the pull out part of my rolling rack.


Starting on the far left are the pieces that will work just as easily now as they did throughout the summer. Most of them are lighter weight fabric so they will need to be integrated into outfits sooner than later.




The next grouping of clothes are ones that I will wear throughout the fall and into the winter months. What I love about using my rolling rack is that I can clearly see where the gaps are in any section of my wardrobe. I like that I can see some pattern in my fall pieces because I love that style detail as well as reminding me that I have several navy blue dresses/tunic’s. There are always those black pieces and I do love reviewing them because it reminds me that I have texture, pattern and some lightweight knits amongst the traditional black dresses and longer tunic tops.


The next grouping as you can see quite clearly are mostly summer and it stands out to me that this summer I favoured wearing white. I’ve always loved white but only until recently have I embraced wearing white, often. Again I’m happy to see that one of my goals for this past summer season was to add fun patterns, some blues and of course something that had dots on it!



Moving along to the right are dresses that I am yet undecided about. What I do initially with these pieces are group them together both summer and fall and then after everything has been put away today, I try them on. Although I don’t make final decisions on every single piece I do know the minute that something slips over my head whether it is staying for the next season or it needs to go. You know when something just doesn’t feel right and you have fallen out of love with it. These items are stored until such time as I either take them to the resale shop, or pass them on to a couple of women who I know would be delighted to add them to their wardrobe. ( the white tubular hangers are my markers )


The few garments to the far right, on the extended part of the rack, are more dressy and will be stored together for safe keeping not in my armoire, giving space and air room to the clothes that are on my regular rotation.


This entire process took me approximately two hours. I returned the clothes to my armoire in an order that makes sense in terms of timely usage. That way I can see what I have that needs to be worn soon and the pieces that are more suitable for cooler temperatures are at the back of my closet…. for now. Of the pieces I was uncertain about, after trying them on, I am keeping 3 for sure,4 are marked uncertain and 7 items will be passed on for someone else to enjoy.

I have to say I feel quite relieved and refreshed to have completed this task today. I must be honest as I walked past my open closet I kept glancing at all of those tops… I knew I just could not handle doing that today. However, it is the next wardrobe task for me because then I will be very well set up in terms of knowing what pieces, colors, textures and pattern combinations I would like to add to round out my looks and help me achieve my wardrobe goals this fall. (For sure, something in a Buffalo Plaid that is cotton or cotton blend!)

It is always good to reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe because chances are, you are like me and some of your favourite things just end up at the back of the closet in a sort of magical way that we can’t explain!

And sometimes it’s just good to be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, for achieving your wardrobe goals for the season past and setting yourself up in a prudent way for the season that is upon you.

I hope you can take some of this experience and apply it to your own wardrobe organization and building. If you don’t have a rolling rack I strongly suggest that you look at buying one whether it be secondhand or brand-new. So many of my clients have purchased their own and absolutely love having them. One thing I can tell you for sure is they come in very handy when you are getting ready for your week.

Ready for work tomorrow is 5 minutes!




Wear It Like You #OWNIT … and they did!

In this spectacular third-party event, guests heard about community and hope, all wrapped in style.

This was a coming together of many, many retailers, service providers, large and small businesses from the London and surrounding area. After months of planning, the night was a fabulous success. My committee couldn’t be more pleased!


There were my clients, fun and feisty ladies and gents, strutting the stage, after sharing in video snippets why they wanted, needed, to do better in showcasing themselves through their wardrobe choices. Learning how to make style changes, by adding color or embracing more interest using pattern and textures, was obvious in their reveal. How these small changes impacted and transformed their lives  was as obvious to the onlookers as it will be to you through these spectacular candid shots taken by Image Design Photographic Art by Craig and Amanda.

Fall trends came to life, showcasing some of what our favourite London retailers have to offer this season. I had such fun styling each and every outfit with women and men in mind of all shapes, sizes, ages and style personalities. From Mars, Bijou Boutique, Saffron Road, Channers’ and the designs of Carmina de Young were runway hits.  Local accessory designers lent a hand at finishing the looks to perfection. and many were featured in our over $20,000.00 donated goods Silent Auction such as Marble Knot, Klas squared, Rocking Vibe, Carrie Schultz Jewellery and Re/United Designs.

We raised a womping $13,250.00 for Make- A- Wish SWO which will go a long way in helping Serina Haggarty, our special guest and recipient and singer extraordinaire, in achieving her wish to be the opening act for a celebrity band.


I am always about inspiring, illuminating vision, shaking things up, confidence and making wishes come true. And this is what the show was all about.

Wear It Like you #OWNIT – they did.

When you are dressed from the inside out, it just works. See for yourself.


#TeamCOLOR: their way.






team #PATTERN: their way













NEW TOTAL:: $13,250.00



The Thing about DOTS……..

I just love polka dots, you?

It must go way back to when I wore polka dot headbands trying to keep my hair in order ( that didn’t really work well) or the little socks my mom would put me in each Sunday as we went off to mass. Or just the overall cheerfulness of them.

So when looking for an easy, summery, modest dress that was fairly slim fitting, sleeved and not black this happened to be the one. I had a couple of summer business meetings, not formal in nature that were to be conducted outside. Perfect. Upbeat. Color. Conservative. Fun.

As always, I plan what I’ll be wearing before the morning of the appointment to avoid any unnecessary slow downs – the traffic and construction are enough of a hindrance.

However, this particular day when I slipped it on, added my fav summer sandal, mustard in color,  grabbed my coral handbag and looked in the mirror all I could see were dots. My head had disappeared. Not good. Not good at all.

Reaching for my fav navy crystal necklace I knew it wasn’t going to be the solution. Why hadn’t this been what I had seen days before when I had planned the outfit?

I knew I needed to tone down the overall volume of the dots. The person with whom I was meeting may enjoy fun but she certainly would not enjoy feeling overwhelmed.

By creating a distraction somewhere else I could accomplish this. I do it all of the time for my clients.

I quickly scanned my choker style necklaces that were similar in shape- round bits,had the right feel- warm matte metal findings and related in terms of energy – some movement.

I found the perfect piece, a necklace I have had for probably 15 years. When I layered it inside my fuller navy one, I loved the effect.

neck dots


My meeting was wonderful and everywhere I went that day people commented on my necklace and were surprised and wowed when I showed them it was two – layered and that they too could create this.

Not being able to wear mustard near my face, I enjoy these sandals and wear them every chance I get – comfortable and color, a neutral in my wardrobe.

purse dots

chect dots


All in all a simple summer dress that speaks to my personality and lifestyle needs that is both versatile and appropriate. I looking forward to transitioning this into fall by adding some denim, a bootie, tights and to dress it up, a lovely navy duster with my favourite little green pumps. Maybe I’ll post them here!!!

full dots

Reflecting Out Loud



Having just returned last week from a weeks visit with my wonderful 94 year old mom has had me thinking, reflecting , sometimes out loud.

Everyone asked how Florida was and of course it was gorgeous, we had perfect weather every day blue skies, not a whisper of rain, high 80’s and dining choices that were both luxurious & casual. And always such a spectacular view like this casual deck dining spot.


sand   IMG_20160424_094111

But the real question, what people were really wanting to know was how things were with my mom. That’s another story. A bittersweet one.

My mom is 94 and has had a wonderful life. She rode elephants in Thailand at 86 years of age. Met the Pope when she traveled all over Italy when she was 89.  She travelled across the ocean to see my daughters, in England, in Asia. That was before her fall  15 months ago where she banged her head on the marble floor. That was a game changer. That marked the end of an era.


She is forgetting many familiar things, has a very difficult time putting her words together to explain her thoughts. She knows who I am but often has no idea what name she should call me. So she doesn’t. I just say  “I  know you know who I am.” She leans in, smiles, and reaches for my hand, her look far away, full of hopeful understanding. Heartbreaking.


She loves dinners out and her wonderful husband humours her taking her to ‘the club’ and other favourites as often as his 95 year old bones can manage, every Saturday for sure.




We sat outside, appreciating the beauty of nature from huge billowy clouds to the gigantic palm leaves dancing in the wind. She particularity loves that. We looked at pictures & there it was. Her memory turned on, as crisp and ever. She handled the pictures with care, pouring over every inch of surface. Such love, such longing. It broke my heart while lifting my spirits at the same time. She knew who they were, her best friend, Susan and her beloved, Tom, my dad.


Being with my sister, who herself cannot accept the fact that the mom we knew is forever gone, is time well spent yet not without it’s challenges. She does her best but saying the words mean that it’s true. So she doesn’t. We don’t . We just hang out. We reflect. We remember. We laugh. We sit quietly, together.



To say the visit was great is true. It was. So blessed to spend time with my mom even though one day after leaving she asked when I was coming to visit. It is heartwarming to see the love and care she receives from her husband who loves her so much. She is in her home. She sleeps in their bed, a lucky woman in deed.

To say the visit was heartbreaking is true. It was.  For the very first time I realized that my mom’s days here are numbered.  She sleeps more than she is awake. I know what that means. It hit me hard.

My best friend, my confidant, my biggest cheerleader, my best travel partner is now a memory, one that I will always have.  I am so grateful that she was the feisty, non conformist, live your life  mom who lead by example. Do what makes your heart sing,  be kind to everyone because we are all equal, don’t apologize for your passion, your energy, be a good friend, give without expectation.


My mom has forever had a love affair with  shoes. She always had a fine collection. Wore heels every chance she could, even this trip, once, much to her husband’s concern. Here she is trying hard to get me to take off mine so she could try them on! So cute. Some things, thankfully, never change.


Without my life partner, I would be lost.  My mom may not have remembered his name but every time she said goodnight she would look at me and say “He is so nice I really like him!” He took it hard.  He knows too.



Every day is a day when you can say Happy Mother’s Day, when you can show your mom how much you love her, do something small, unexpected. Just calling her is good. Not texting, calling. It’s the voice, the warmth, the tone that creates and holds that connection. Do it before you wish you had.




It’s so cliche to say enjoy every moment, live your life without regrets, tell those you love you do, they may know it but it must be said, out loud. But these things are true.

I feel better now. Sometimes you just have to say things out loud. Although it makes it real, it also serves to help you accept and move forward.

Mom I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my mother you’ll be.












Here’s What’s Up

It’s one thing to see what the magazines and runway shows say about the impending trends. It’s quite another to see what actually lands in our world, the world of working, sleeping, raising children, (ourselves not with nannies), working far longer hours than 9-5 and carving time here and there for friends and social, cultural activities, right?

On a recent trip to Toronto after working with a client I scooted around my favourite spots to see what I could see. One thing, well two, stood out. This is a season for footwear caution and accessorized bags. WOW!

Many of us who make a living as wardrobe and image consultants know that the shoes you choose will either make or break your outfit. We also know, because after all, we are people too, that comfort is key. This can become an issue for someone working on their wardrobe on their own unless they are patient, savvy with online searches and know what they need in terms of style.

Here is what I encountered. This is what you are seeing and will see this season.

Lots and lots of laces, criss crossing the top of your foot ( the vamp) and ankle, in some cases laces all the way to the knee.  For me, this style doesn’t work… although they are fun & sexy; the exaggerated style suits the ‘experimental risk taker’ style personality. * TIP* if you have larger ankles make sure the laces are thicker to create a more balanced look.


Not long after returning home I received a text with a couple of pictures from someone seeking advice- which one she asked? Timely indeed. This is what she chose. They suit her slim leg and her evolving rocker classic style. Great purchase, for her.



The espadrille has taken on an entire new persona — flat, prominent laces and very chunky soles. For me, I immediately said no way when I saw them and see them I did, everywhere! And then, I had to try them on. I love comfort but because I am short I’m always wanting a bit of elevation. It’s that presence thing. Taller equals more visible, right?  Wrong.  As I age I have come to know that is not always true. But I digress…..

The casual organic BoHo nature of the espadrille has always beckoned me in the wedge style option. They were one of my mainstay sandal choices  in university&gym early teaching years – loved them and they worked so well with my denim mini skirt….!!!! Here is one that’s on the scene today, not much different than earlier ones decades past. *TIP* wear with maxi’s, skirts or baggy boyfriend jeans


Fast forward to 2016 Spring, the range of styles under the espadrille umbrella is vast- and at all price-points – meaning all comfort ranges. The more you pay the more heavenly the feel. This too I discovered.

So after leaving them and continuing my trend research, I found myself back in the shoe department, again… And you can guess the end of this story. I made the purchase. I am, yes a convert. I LOVE them for my denim or white jeans, my casual maxi dresses that are solids, stripes or white! Now I’m not yet sold on the ‘with fit and flare or shirt dresses to the knee look.’ I need to work on that, or maybe not. But for now I am happy I decided to ‘try them on.’ Loeffler Randall



Something else that are in abundant supply is the ever classic ballet flat, think for a moment Ferragamo style AKA the ballet flat with the gross grain bow.  This season they’ve taken on a new twist – bows yes, dainty classic ribbon, not so much! This season is full of details and bows are one of them. If your style personality is more Luxury Peasant or Romantic Chic you will love this embellishment. On your handbags, your jacket pockets, your footwear. * TIP* try this particular blend of classic and feminine shoe with your rolled up jeans, long white linen shirt and enjoy an urban sophisticate look.




Something else I noticed were the range of details on the majority of handbags styles — almost every one of them, excluding the traditional luxury fashion houses where classic will reign forever, have tassel-ed or fringed up! I love them and they are everywhere all shapes, sizes and price point.

How cute is this feathered fringe one.  featherclutchAnd I love the new take on Burberry’s traditional plaid . Can you see the giraffe inspiration here?



And last of all, my new adorable mustard clutch, with an oversized tassel. See it out there in front?  I giggle with delight over it.



I spotted this beauty wearing her lace up ankle wrap flat sandals in a perfect casual chic way.  Maxi dress , braided hair, feminine vintage style high neck choker make the perfect background for her retro shoe choice.



What’s not to adore about these incredible Chie Mihara sandals? Vintage inspired with a women’s needs in mind- modern, fun and comfortable. They were mine 3 minutes after I tried them on. Playful with jeans,  and will  dress that #LBD with a feminine old world style.


All in all lots of fun things out there to temp you. Knowing what you LOVE is helpful when there is so much to choose from, so many new trends. And I’ve just reported on two!!

Here’s what I do. I love it first. Then I ask myself  “ok how many ways can I wear this, is it practical, will I actually use it? ”  If the answers to these questions are that they /it will work in my wardrobe at least three ways and YES  to practical, useful and comfortable, then it is SOLD.

Don’t get sold. Know your own mind.

Because confidence is always… style!







Fashion Trends Spring 2016: It’s all about the details

If you are like most women with whom I chat then you are confused by some aspect of fashion when it come to you and your style.

But this year, my image peers and I agree, lots of new, lots of crazy, lots of fun and of course, tons of details marking the season.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of feathers, tassels, fringe, chains, bows and ruffles you’re seeing out there this season? If so, pick a detail you like and stay away from the most exaggerated form of it and it’ll be wearable. Here are 2 areas where trouble can exist.

In the area of footwear, look for fringe on booties,( mine)  bows on the toes of flats, (classics) or fanciful ties on ankle shoes or heels. Remember, wear one fashion details. Leave the others for another time!


fringe bootie




In the area of handbags, check out feather details on clutches, tassel details on bucket bags, and chunky chain shoulder straps on shoulder bags. Shamelessly, I love them all!!






Trends keep our style evolving which is a wonderful thing. Let me help you stay true to your style or rediscover your style, while stepping into some new looks this season!

Brand You.

You are ready for a career transition. You are actively interviewing for new jobs. You want to influence people and make strong first impressions.

Creating a personal style plan is a vital part of personal branding. It’s part of branding YOU. This is what I do to help my clients.

When wearing my 1:1 consultants hat the common requests I receive are: Where to start? What steps to take? Where to invest? How to stand out? to which I always add “in an authentic way.” Regardless of age or sex, this quandary prevails.

As an image consultant I help my clients see and own their unique gifts. That’s when I can guide them in making strategic wardrobe choices that will serve them well in communicating their desired messages. This involves far more than listing them on paper, rhyming them off from memory. This is about digging deep, being honest, being intentional, owning ones true talents and being able to admit areas of weakness.

This step is often missed, glossed over or in many cases, not given a single thought. Your wardrobe and style are the packaging of your brand and can help reflect your unique essence.

You only have 5 to 12 second to make a first impression.

You resume is already in the hands of the interviewer. Assuredly they have formed some type of impression about you because, you know they’ve Googled you, read your profile on LinkedIn, maybe even scrolled through Facebook to see what you’re up to socially. When you walk through the door, from the second you engage eye contact, extend your hand, sit down and cross your legs (which you shouldn’t), your ‘visual presentation’ is working to either confirm their impressions or cast some doubt.

Image refers to all aspects of appearance: behavior, attitude, attire. Perceived image determines your success both personally and professionally. The good news is you control your image. When one area is out of sync, confusion, doubt and a disconnect will be created in your audience. Once that happens, trust is more difficult to gain, your chances of being ‘heard’ diminished and your personal brand is weakened. Relationships are built on trust. Be diligent about delivering ’you’ consistently.

Determine your image goals – what is important to you, what values do you hold high, what roles do you fulfill across all areas of your life, how you want to be seen? Take a critical look at what you’re wearing, you may be surprised. Are you sending your intended message: polished, authentic, energetic, intentional, intelligent, creative, innovative?

Your clothes, like your surroundings, are representations of you. They tell your story. Instead of waiting for a missed opportunity, an interview where you fell short or an unsuccessful meeting. do the hard work. Dig deep. Figure out exactly what you want the world to know about you. That’s how you present an authentic brand.

Why be like everyone else when you can be you? You pen your own story. I can help you make it a best seller.


Sue Jacobs BAH MA BEd

Personal Style Image Consulting

Member AICI

Facebook: Personal Style Image and Wardrobe Consulting

Twitter: @sueinthecity


Phone or Text : 519.630.6619





How do YOU Want to be Seen in 2016?

On a wonderful Sunday afternoon, two weeks ago I hosted a Special Subject Series seminar for a group of keen, fun, entrepreneurs. 4 were out with the flu so that left an intimate group of 8.

From the feedback and turn around into service requests this was one of the most beneficial and applicable seminars to date.

Was it sexy? No. Was it straight talk? Yes. Was it easy to implement into their lives? Absolutely. Did it make an impact? Yes it did. And we had fun!






Why did I run a workshop that was of this nature?

Every one makes an impression. We are, like it or not, judged by how we look, how we show up. It’s human nature. No need disputing. It’s a fact.


This is the stuff that when people are busy building businesses, moving along at break neck speed through their lives, that gets forgotten, that is not a priority, heck it’s not even on most people’s radar. But as much as your website, your professional photos for all of your social media platforms, the professional development conferences you attend are important when launching a business or building your personal brand, the clothes you wear tell your story.

That’s what people see when they first meet you.

So this is the stuff of huge value. How you dress or I should say the clothes you choose to wear speak volumes about how you feel about yourself.

What are yours saying about you?

Show up as the best version of yourself having made intentional decisions and an effort. That will go a longgggggggg way in letting those in your circle of potential influence that you care about yourself and that they matter.

Don’t know where to start?

Call me.  I can help you.




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