Sometimes you just have to say OK this needs to happen, and it’s going to happen. Let’s just get it done.

Today is Sunday, it is quite uninspiring outside but I made the decision yesterday that today was the day. Walking the talk is important – it’s always good to practice what you preach.

A new box of hangers ready to go, pad of paper, pen, the house completely to myself for the entire day, determination in high gear, delicious coffee, favourite Coffee Shop music on in the background, chili all prepared and simmering for next weekend….. I’m ready.


My armoire is completely empty as I have transferred every single dress to my rolling rack so that I can move them around freely and see exactly what has been hiding in there these past few months. I have taken some photos that will chronicle each step that I took in organizing my needing-to-be-put-away summer pieces to my better-transition-now pieces to the clearly cooler temperature garments with the more dressy pieces at the end on the pull out part of my rolling rack.


Starting on the far left are the pieces that will work just as easily now as they did throughout the summer. Most of them are lighter weight fabric so they will need to be integrated into outfits sooner than later.




The next grouping of clothes are ones that I will wear throughout the fall and into the winter months. What I love about using my rolling rack is that I can clearly see where the gaps are in any section of my wardrobe. I like that I can see some pattern in my fall pieces because I love that style detail as well as reminding me that I have several navy blue dresses/tunic’s. There are always those black pieces and I do love reviewing them because it reminds me that I have texture, pattern and some lightweight knits amongst the traditional black dresses and longer tunic tops.


The next grouping as you can see quite clearly are mostly summer and it stands out to me that this summer I favoured wearing white. I’ve always loved white but only until recently have I embraced wearing white, often. Again I’m happy to see that one of my goals for this past summer season was to add fun patterns, some blues and of course something that had dots on it!



Moving along to the right are dresses that I am yet undecided about. What I do initially with these pieces are group them together both summer and fall and then after everything has been put away today, I try them on. Although I don’t make final decisions on every single piece I do know the minute that something slips over my head whether it is staying for the next season or it needs to go. You know when something just doesn’t feel right and you have fallen out of love with it. These items are stored until such time as I either take them to the resale shop, or pass them on to a couple of women who I know would be delighted to add them to their wardrobe. ( the white tubular hangers are my markers )


The few garments to the far right, on the extended part of the rack, are more dressy and will be stored together for safe keeping not in my armoire, giving space and air room to the clothes that are on my regular rotation.


This entire process took me approximately two hours. I returned the clothes to my armoire in an order that makes sense in terms of timely usage. That way I can see what I have that needs to be worn soon and the pieces that are more suitable for cooler temperatures are at the back of my closet…. for now. Of the pieces I was uncertain about, after trying them on, I am keeping 3 for sure,4 are marked uncertain and 7 items will be passed on for someone else to enjoy.

I have to say I feel quite relieved and refreshed to have completed this task today. I must be honest as I walked past my open closet I kept glancing at all of those tops… I knew I just could not handle doing that today. However, it is the next wardrobe task for me because then I will be very well set up in terms of knowing what pieces, colors, textures and pattern combinations I would like to add to round out my looks and help me achieve my wardrobe goals this fall. (For sure, something in a Buffalo Plaid that is cotton or cotton blend!)

It is always good to reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe because chances are, you are like me and some of your favourite things just end up at the back of the closet in a sort of magical way that we can’t explain!

And sometimes it’s just good to be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, for achieving your wardrobe goals for the season past and setting yourself up in a prudent way for the season that is upon you.

I hope you can take some of this experience and apply it to your own wardrobe organization and building. If you don’t have a rolling rack I strongly suggest that you look at buying one whether it be secondhand or brand-new. So many of my clients have purchased their own and absolutely love having them. One thing I can tell you for sure is they come in very handy when you are getting ready for your week.

Ready for work tomorrow is 5 minutes!