The feedback I’ve had from the first post on this topic and bracelet organization was very positive and people seemed to like the idea of organizing jewellery in terms of tone. It’s easy and makes for a very quick access.

Today it’s all about my necklaces and I know there are quite a significant number of them, I admit it. But I must tell you I’ve been collecting them for probably 15 years. Some of them are treasured gifts from treasured family members, others are memories from places I’ve been and others, in fact some of my favourites, are very inexpensive finds that I was thrilled to take home.




Although the hooks look jammed I do edit them regularly and if you see me often you will recognize some of my favourite pieces here.




Below,  you can see easily that these two bundles are sorted by cool and warm tones – my silver metals of all shades of gray cozying up nicely to my warm, matte, brassy and gold pieces.



This hook really is in desperate need of a twin. These are my go to favourite style of necklace which are very organic made from all types of materials from burlap to yarn to leather to wooden and stone beads. Elemental is a strong style word for me which means I don’t have too many of these, rather I support my inner self. (well….hahaha)


These two hooks are happiness housing all of my colourful mostly choker necklaces. Most of these tend to be what I refer to as statement necklaces or bib necklaces.


No this old plate rack is something of a find I love it. I would never use it to display plates but it works wonderfully well for me to put my favourite fragrances, some pictures that I treasure and one that was gifted to me from a client. This first group of necklaces are tucked in beside the few belts that I own and it and the one beside it are warm tones. Many of these necklaces are pendant necklaces and I use them for layering purposes.


There is some overlap here but I wanted to point out that I do store my fine chain necklaces separately so that I do not break them. Several of these are early Dean Davidson (lots of circles & rings) ( pieces along with Re/United Designs from London, Ontario ( reds and another with polka dots and yellow) ( and a couple of vintage pieces I found when I was in the UK. These are all special pieces again somewhat delicate in nature and I like seeing them displayed on their own.


This large looking selection of necklaces are mainly higher end or designer pieces most of them gifts from my husband, with nothing else in common. The silver snake necklace is so old I don’t even know how old it is. But every time I go to recycle it there comes an event or occasion when it can be used. So here it is. The little grouping to the right are more organic necklaces that are mainly cool tone pieces.




These last two hooks are my favourite holders. I love that one is mustard and one is a Marine Blue. The paint is chipping off of both of them but they serve to secure some of my favourite tiny minimal chokers again grouped by warm or cool attributes.




And two more treasured pieces: one from my dear friend and image colleague in Australia, the other one that delights with it’s sparkly crystals in a lovely shade of navy.


This may seem excessive to you as it does to my daughters and that’s OK because they’re mine. For years, 14 to be exact, I wore school uniforms so my fashion choices were stymied but not completely nil. The only salvation, the only way I could jazz up my tunic, white crisp blouse or green or tan or burgundy cardigans were with my treasured accessories. So you see, this is a long time affair.


Here’s the point: if I didn’t wear them, I wouldn’t have them. If I didn’t enjoy them, I wouldn’t have them. If I didn’t wear them every single day, I wouldn’t have them. If they didn’t make me feel good when I put them on, I wouldn’t have them.

But I do and they do. And that’s the point.


Because when you feel good wearing something that you love it shows. And that’s important.


Because confidence is always in style.