Women came together on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

They came to get the scoop on how to be more inspired with their wardrobe, how to move away from boredom and towards liking what they have to wear. They came ready to listen, vent, share and learn. The were engaged, serious, laughing, candid and real. They all wanted to know how to add edge the very next day. Some texted and messaged me that evening on how they were inspired, one sending me a magazine picture she’d found and broke it down to see if she got what made the look ‘edgy’ for her. She got an A+.

This type of work makes my heart sing. I know it is where I am meant to be.

Here are a few pictures from that afternoon. Upon seeing them, one attendee wrote “Wow, we all look so serious but we had a really good time.” ┬áThis is what engaged looks like.

My model a client, and dear friend wore the clothes to perfection. I created looks for every lifestyle and different EDGE personalities, 7 in total.

I plan to offer it again, there were several who have requested it so it’s going to happen. I won’t share too much in case you are in the next group there will be some surprises. Don’t you just hate SpOilErs?



edge extra ways to add

edge creative







And leave with ideas, they did. And new friends. And for sure hope in their hearts for all that they are and all that they can be when they Stand Up Stand Out and add that edge.

“I am so happy I came to this workshop. I have thought of nothing but these ideas for the past three days and I am making so much more effort every day to put a better version of me out in front of the world. Sue, THIS feels really good. Thanks you so much!”