Hi again!

Here we are– the same skirt as in my first post that highlighted the why for this trio– seeing the style details that make an outfit different using the same wardrobe staple – the #LBS ( Little Black Skirt)


James Perse ribbed midi knit skirt


This woman is drawn to tradition and sensibility. To be on time is important to her, she is organized and pulled together. She will find security in high-quality labels and really doesn’t mind if people notice. She buys them because she loves them not because of the label. Timelessness rather than ” fast fashion” is important to her. She also likes to add a little bit of fun because this is a part of her personality that she really doesn’t put out there on the front shelf when she is in her professional work mode but she does like to acknowledge it. Although she knows the rules she could be known to sometimes break them or reinterpret them her own way….

Pinstripes, brand-name pieces, and polka dots attract her. She will wear Argyle in her own interpretive way and will consider new styles if comfort and longevity can be perceived. Tassels, fringe, finely designed leather and metal strap oversized good quality watches catch her eye. She wears them daily because they signal respect and mark tradition & that’s important to her. She will invest in good quality costume jewellery and plays with layering trends.


Cashmere fringed sweater



Classic Boss handbag. DeanDavidson gold cuff. Joie suede bootie. Stella&Dot feather fringe necklace 2016- the twist . Hermes inspired watch


And sometimes this person is me. I love tailored clothing and depending on my mood I will wear this style for long periods of time. Feeling restricted is not something that works for my style personality however I have found ways to incorporate traditional pieces that work in conservative workplace environments, by wearing them my way. The simple cuts & lines of this design style appeals  to me, no fuss, no distracting details. I choose to incorporate those through my jewellery choices.

It’s important to note that many of you are a combination of these style personalities and that you don’t fit into just one category. That’s the fun of identifying your style recipe because then you can see the wide expanse of looks that will feel good on you, that you can enjoy and experiment with, and that will authentically communicate who you are.

We know that’s a good thing.

Because confidence is always in style.