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This series is along the same vein as my accessory posts have been lately – this series is based on a little black basic, the not so basic knit, tube maxi skirt. The #LBS And I Love it!

James Perse black knit midi skirt

Again this comes from my experience wearing this particular item last  week and the notion  that I could’ve worn it every single day, differently of course, but what comes to mind is the versatility of this basic wardrobe staple.

When I work with my wardrobe clients, what is always in my image consultant mind is the range that particular garments have in helping my clients dress for every aspect of their lives. The fact is – the more versatile the garment, the more value and subsequently the knowledge that purchasing it was prudent. For example, a skirt that was a steal at $99 that can be worn only one way, costs $99. Take for example, a skirt whose price tag is $199 but can be worn, at the very least, 5 ways. That makes it a $40 skirt. Get it?  Price per wear= true price= true value

Because I work to discover my clients style personality, in this miniseries I’m going to address three different style recipes. My intention is for you to see the differences in the details that speak to the different aspects of our personalities. First Up.


This woman is about less being more. She pays attention to form, function, and origin and she might be a nature lover who is also text savvy. She’s not afraid to pay attention more to a well sourced product. And she knows the rules of style.

A fisherman style pull over is going to be her friend whether it be new or old because open weave knits are something she loves. And the Fisherman Knit speaks to her. She also enjoys handwoven, cotton and/or organic fabrics. She loves plaids. Scarves, boho type wrap bracelets & organic anything including premium cottons suit her to a T.


Paul & Shark fisherman knit. Marbleknot.com watch. Torino plaid scarf.


A structured leather bag of good quality leather is important to her because it serves both function and her appreciation of timeless, rather old school leather pieces.


Structured box bag (Nordstrom Chicago)


Her love of anything suede or leather can be seen here in her selection of footwear. Adding the fringe detail reminds her and those who appreciate her look like she is indeed feminine and enjoys some movement in her clothing. The rich subtle yummy colours reminds her of the beautiful plants in nature and the true blue sky, especially come harvest when they are dead, dying (and  sumac).  They make her heart sing.


Matisse fringed ankle bootie. Vegan wrap bracelet (Framing and Art Centre , Ldn)


And sometimes this person is me. I love wearing these pieces together and of course I love mixing them up with other favourites in my wardrobe.

Whatever you choose to wear make sure that you love it, that it feels good on your skin and that you can walk tall with your head held high.


Because confidence is always in style.