And finally for those of you who are a Luxury Bo Ho Peasant type at heart – this #LBS. This is a staple in my wardrobe because of the versatility it offers me in terms of stalking and addressing my style personalities. Here is the 3 rd way I have chosen to show you how I wear this skirt– and how you can as well, if it appeals to you. You may recognize yourself here or in the previous two posts- fantastic!



James Perse knit midi ribbed skirt



There is the sense of wonder, romance and creativity in your soul. You appreciate beauty across the eras and you notice refinement. You enjoyed playing dress-up as a child and as an adult you are imaginative. You also like the thought of enchanted gardens and deep moody colours as well as whimsical patterns catch your attention.

You love artistic pieces especially in handbags T-shirts and scarves. Tiny details matter to you and although you like florals and romantic prints you keep them to a minimum. Pink is not your go to colour but you appreciate it in china, linens and minimal accents.

You love the feel and look of silky flowy scarves, pops of unexpected colour such as mustard or lime green. Dreamy sheer blouses take you back centuries ago when women dressed and looked like ladies  every day.


Cream silk flowy Max Volmary blouse, classic & costume pearls


Cameo necklaces, strands and strands of pearls and sterling silver lockets drive you crazy, you want them all! And you wear them whether they are the current trend or not. And on the flip, quite the opposite, you have a hard time resisting anything multicultural whether it be in your attire or home decor. Rich deep jewel tones grab you right away. When you need a dressy shoe, a strappy interesting sandal is your first choice. Trinkets from near and far find themselves in your midst.


Loeffler Randall strappy heeled sandal. Faux cranberry fun wrap scarf. Hammered silver, fresh water pearls, metal petal & wrap bracelets.



Loeffler Randall strappy heeled sandal. Faux cranberry fun wrap scarf. Hammered silver, fresh water pearls, metal petal & wrap bracelets. Rich merlot polish.


And sometimes this person is me. I have been enjoying wearing fringed pieces the past two fashion seasons from handbags to sweaters to exaggerated accents on my scarves. I have reinvented my inherited pearls and layered them with masses of new ones both high and costume.

And I am very much trying to address my romantic and feminine side which has been in hiding I’ve noticed. From the complements I’m receiving when sporting these types of looks recently, I’m thinking it’s about time to keep this an ongoing trend.

And it’s feeling wonderful to step out of my norm, and not be so predictable and express this side of me. You know as women we are always evolving and how we feel is definitely related to what is going on in our lives. Being mindful of this is important.

I hope you have enjoyed these three posts and that they have shown you one thing – fashion can and should be fun. Using your clothes to showcase you is important. You do have to dress in order to go about your daily routine SO why not make it fun?  Use your clothing to your best advantage and stand out as of the wonderful, beautiful woman that you are.

I know that you will feel fantastic. And you know what I’m going to say.

Because confidence is always in style.


I truly love your feedback, it keeps me focussed on sharing more and taking the time to create meaningful blogs for you to learn from, perhaps chuckle about and assure you know that we are all in this together, I am truly here to help.