Fun and highly interactive, this program is quickly paced to get your staff motivated, feeling valued, seeing the ‘what’s in it for me’ piece, and back to work on time!

Engaging and highly visual Sue focuses on attitude, behaviours and easy to apply tips & strategies for specific wardrobe capsules that will have them feeling hopeful, energized, empowered and proud to play their “team member” role.

Your staff will walk away with:

  • a clear understanding of how image impacts personal and professional success
  • tips for identifying which attitudes, behaviors and practices will sabotage their image
  • techniques for choosing wardrobe pieces that communicate success
  • techniques for expanding their professional attire into their down time  and lifestyle maximizing shopping investment
  • wardrobe building strategies that will save them time, money and build a versatile wardrobe that ensures a polished, confident look

Program Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Rave Reviews

Your presentation was EXACTLY what we were looking for. The women loved it! So practical and you always make things fun. Your model was wonderful and brought the ideas to life. What a great addition.  Since so many of our volunteers travel, the topic was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and your passion!
“…With respect to the recent The Business Of You Lunch and Learn that Sue presented to our staff and partners – the biggest win all for myself and our partners, was Sue bringing all the messages and content – wardrobe, proper telephone reception, hand shake & listening skills demonstration, back to our company vision, mission & values statement. We spent a great deal of time and energy developing them so Sue’s incorporating them reinforced their importance and our responsibility to our employees, clients, and community in upholding this commitment. I would recommend Sue’s services to my contacts across numerous industries because her message was so relevant. Regardless of what business you are a part of, paying attention to your behaviour, and how you present yourself definitely matters and will help you continue to grow a successful business. Highly recommended. It was fantastic!..”