Sue is all about sharing and empowering. Sharing the secret to looking good, feeling good and having great style. Understanding that looking good is not about age, shape, size, career or budget. It is about understanding what works for you, authentically for you. Dressing with intention from the inside out. Your way. That’s where confidence is born.  These highly popular sessions can be delivered in your own home or after hours office space. If that doesn’t work, Sue’s got the venue covered, with no cost to you, the hostess.

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The Business of You: Nailing Your Personal and Profession Image

Your Clothes are Talking: Do you know what they’re saying

Exploring the Communication Aspects of Clothing

Special Subject Series Workshops

Sue offers a wide variety of Special Subject Series workshops. Understanding what works for you and how to get there is most of the journey. Sue is your chauffeur, every step of the way.

Choose from one of these interactive, informative and fun workshops:



  • Accessories
  • 50 Shades of Style: Getting Over 50 Dressing Right
  • Finding the FUN Factor in Fashion at Every Age
  • Summer Casual Chic
  • Say Yes To A Dress
  • Bring Your Own Black
  • Looking Fine On A Dime
  • Go Ahead, Add That Edge
  • The Ultimate Footwear Class
I always learn so much from Sue! She’s funny, informative and keeps things moving. My past profession was as a dancer. As I watch Sue put together tops & bottoms, scarves and accessories, it’s like watching a dance. She is creative and puts together combos that you would never think would go, but THEY DO!!! It’s truly fascinating to watch! I keep learning and learning no matter what workshop I’ve been to with Sue. hiring her to consult with me individually with my wardrobe and make me SHINE in my work or simply walking the dogs in Wortley Village! Thanks for another fabulous evening with great women!!!
Another informative and fun session. I always loved dresses but now I’ll be looking for colour in a different way so that the dresses are more versatile and paying more attention to the sleeve and my own shape to guide what kind of dress I buy. As always just a treat to have the jewelry available to buy – unique and affordable, a rare combination. Thanks so much.
What a great evening. Sue is such a dynamic speaker and it’s obvious she loves what she does. Using pieces from her own wardrobe, Sue showed us how an outfit can go from a daytime speaking engagement to a night out on the town. I found a new love for handbags that compliment your body shape and jewelry that works with your face shape & skin tone. Who would have thought!


Girl’s Night In or Out

Now these are just a blast! If your group of colleagues, gal pals or book club is looking for something fun and different Sue will design an evening just for you. Contact Sue today to explore the possibilities for your group.

Sue covered so many great tips – one thing I did not realize was that face shape matters with accessories! That was key. I’m a grab and go person in the morning, so don’t normally give much thought to purses/bags. I thought my Cole Haan handbag was for life, but you’ve opened my eyes about having some variety in what I carry. The link you provided for scarf tying was great too!