Time for some new favourites! Sharing great things feels better than keeping them to yourself, right?

I frequent / use the services of these businesses on a regular basis with confidence and anticipation. And of course I refer them business at every opportunity. Word of mouth has worked well for my business so I am pleased and proud to pay it forward – Let me know if you check them out, tell me about your experience.

Image Design Photographic Art by Craig & Amanda

sue new shootEveryone needs photos and we all love looking at them! However, pictures tell the story of you, who you are in all facets of your life. Now some pictures are needed for specific reasons like social media, your website, company resource page and professional arenas such as Linkedin. These pictures do need to be intentional, speak the language your audience will understand and be authentically you. That’s when an experienced photographer comes in.

For all of my needs and many of the charities with whom I  work, Image Deisgn is my fail proof go to. Capturing the essence of who you are is key. Mandy and Craig have that nailed. Check them out here: http://www.imagedesign.ifp3.com/

(or take a peek throughout my website).

Salon Entrenous Hair Salon

Stopping in here, whether it be for a hair appointment or to drop off posters for a cause or an event that I’m involved in that they are sponsoring, it’s like meeting up with good friends!  There’s always an impish gesture from owner Lisa Sallabank,  a warm hug or compliment from stylist Courtney,  and fun fashion chats with receptionist Karla – they make my day! One hundred percent satisfaction when referring my clients makes this shop a winner! Not to mention all of the international recognition this salon gets, most recently 2016 Texture Hair Stylist of the Year, their own Julie Vriesinga. Call to set up your 15 minute complimentary style consult, tell them I said so!


European Fashion Designs by Ann

Tailoring, alterations and magic for men and women’s fashions. Seriously there is nothing that Ann cannot do. With the skill of someone who has been in the tailoring industry for decades she can make old new and new fit. With FIT being the determinant of owning the ultimate style, I highly recommend her.

717 Richmond St Suite #4


This is ONE stop that I always hear about from my happy clients – showing me the boots he has restored, the shoes he’s dyed or the seasonal ‘facial’ touch up he’s given to each and every pair of footwear for the season!

Your ONE STOP service SHOP! From shoe repair where Gary, a true cobbler excels to dry cleaning, watch batteries & key cutting. They also carry shoe care, BOULET cowboy boots & BARMAH hats! Just in case you wanted to know!!!


59 York St. London Ont
519 439 6868

Church Key Bistro & Pub

The warmth of their spirit was hard to miss in their bistro so I went back, time and time again. Now, well Vanessa, Peter, Jess and Cam, they call me family!!!

In my early fundraising days, I didn’t think about supporting the businesses who supported my charities – I just hit the ground running. That’s when I met Peter & Vanessa, the owners who despite the fact that this was a brand new business for them, opened their arms and pockets with a generous donation. And they still do. No questions asked.  As someone who loves dining out, and who has tried every spot our city has to offer, I can say with 110% confidence that you will love this place – food, ambience, service..  For me this dining spot feels like home – with much tastier fare. And the quaint tucked away patio, London’s best kept secret… maybe not now…..

Brenda Kinsel Wardrobe / Image Consultant/ Author

I had been a fan of her work long before my thoughts of sharing the same career were born. There I was alone, first conference when she spotted me, smiled and asked if I could help with technical issues she was having? I burst out laughing, then she did too! I had no clue and it seemed neither did she!

The Image Consulting industry was initially, daunting. Brenda Kinsel,image consultant,one of the most respected veterans in our industry (and Oprah guest) levelled the playing field for me.  For her, as an image consultant, I have tremendous respect and appreciation for all that she shares, for all she has taught me and for giving me the opportunity to share my strengths with our peers. For her, as a woman, a ‘real deal’ role model who ‘gets us all’, pulls no punches and is of unfaltering strength, and as my friend, I am truly blessed.


Style Blog

Suffice is to say that AriSethCohen has a coveted job – directly from his incredible blog of style, inspiration and all that is stunningly beautiful…..
“Proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age..”
If you love style, marvel at the beauty of mature, natural women and need or love to smile, tune in. True pleasure, a delight. A sophisticated treat!