chris2chris1 prof presThis interactive and informative program is designed to help your team connect the dots between their personal image and their personal and professional success.

Sue teaches participants how appearance, communication skills, confident body language and positive energy become extensions of their unique personal style, their brand. Your team will walk away feeling informed and empowered to create a personal style that aligns with your corporate brand identity, and celebrates their unique attributes.

Positively impact confidence, productivity, team relationships and client satisfaction, contact Sue to book a program today!

During the program Sue demonstrates how:

  • being aware of key behaviors can make a huge impact on your business’ perception and savvy
  • color, texture, pattern and fabric choice works in communicating specific messages
  • ‘wardrobe capsule dressing’ maximizes your wardrobe investment dollars using concrete visuals
  • accessories expand your basic wardrobe and deliver your authentic ‘you’ message


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